Sunday, September 13, 2009

PC begins...

I promise I will get better about posting on our blog. To say our lives have become quite busy is an understatement and even though I should be doing other stuff, I am in fact blogging and shortly after plan on napping :)

Carson and I returned to Waco at the end of July. I traveled to San Antonio with my fabulous group of student council kids and then worked on FISH Camp, my classroom and the early homecoming. School started for both myself and Carson on August 25th and then we were off. The one difference in this school year is that my very best friend, Lyndsey Ralston has moved to Waco and is coaching/teaching at Waco High School. Not only is it great to have another girlfriend here, I love that Lyndsey and I are catching up for the last two years. She is coaching freshmen volleyball and teaching Social Studies SpEd inclusion.
Carson has started the infamous 3rd year of law school at Baylor also known as PC. The first week went great but as the quarter drags on, I see him less and less. This tends to be normal for PC students and their spouses, but we still don't like it. I know this will all be for the best and hey, we have been through worse. The hardest part is watching him get 2 hours a sleep (maybe) a night and work from 6am to 2 am and enjoy small meals in between. Just a few more months and we are finished with this life.
our fall is full of many exciting events but more than anything, I want to enjoy every day because we'll never get them back.
Until then, I must relax today for the super-charged week ahead. Hello naptime!!
More to come later...Have a blessed day.