Monday, May 4, 2009

Celebrations and Mournings

With the past couple of weeks, Carson and I have experienced lots of lifes little challenges. First off, his health is booming. Carson has recovered beautifully and even ran two miles today! :) On May 1st, he finished his last set of law school finals as a 2L, also known as a 2nd year law student. Our April was spent catching up on everything we missed at work and school, TAKS :I and bills. Last Friday after little to no sleep, Me, Carson, our family and friends gathered in Grand Prairie for the Relay for Life. My previous postings advertised our team collectively called, Huntin' for a Cure. We raised over $2,000 for the American Cancer Society and spent from 5:30 pm to 3:00am at the SGP football field. Carson took his first lap ever as a cancer survivor...I cannot explain how weird that feeling was. To watch your 24 year old husband walk alongside hundreds of others, young and old who have all been diagnosed with cancer. We spent the evening catching up with old friends, playing flag football, footraces and coffee binges. Around 3:00 AM Carson called it quits and we all went back to the house to sleep. Thank goodness we quit early. It was a wonderful night and a true blessing from God to be around our new and old friends to celebrate, remember and have Hope for a cure.
With all good things, there is usually a time for lamenting as well. On Sunday, we were set to have lunch with Carson's parents for his Dad's birthday. Instead we got the call that Carson's grandfather, Papa Jerry only had a few hours to live. Papa Jerry has been in poor health for some time and was actually doing very well. Today, around 3:30 pm, Papa Jerry was called home by God. Although I am very thankful we were able to see him one last time, I want to try and remember him as he was...a jubilant, soul with an infectious laugh and quick sense of humor. I pray for our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and of course for our Nana Christine, Papa Jerry’s wife. Memorial services are pending. Please keep the Runge’s in your prayers as well as all of John’s sisters, brothers and our extended family.
2009 has given us a few tough spots, but we keep our faith in God that all will prevail and we will be stronger for everything.

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