Sunday, June 28, 2009

Midland for a little while

It has been a few weeks since our last post, mainly because life has been spinning in so many directions. This can be both a blessing and a curse, just depends on how you look at it. Once I finished my 2nd year at University High School on June 5th, I traveled to Midland, Texas where Carson has been clerking at an oil and gas law firm. We have been living with our dear friends, Erin and Chase Pabody and have also been blessed with many old friends from college. I have been working at Fit Family Fitness as a Kids Camp teacher and really love it. The kids are super sweet and it has been a nice break from my high school students. I want to thank Kassadie Barela for hiring me and keeping me busy for our extended stay in the "Land of the Middle." Sadly, we leave in a few days and believe it or not, I really like Midland.
Overall our visit has been wonderful, but it did not begin this way. I was driving to Midland on Sunday June 7, 2009 and Carson called to tell me Chase Mitchell, our good friend passed away due to his long battle with melanoma. Chase and his family, The Beedys, were extremely instrumental while Carson and I were traveling back and forth to Houston for his many visits and surgery. Although they were dealing with a much more serious situation, they seemed to always possess such grace and positive energy. I still admire all of them for their strength. My last memory of Chase was him sitting in their hotel room bed and enjoying some ice cream. He told me and Carson, "Bye guys, I'll see you soon." Yes you will Chase, until then, fly with the angels and keep an eye on everyone. Thankfully Carson stopped by two days earlier and visited with Chase, I thank God with all my heart for this blessing. I was also lucky enough to meet Chase's girlfriend Mica...she is truly an inspiration to all.
Although we have a time of grieving, we also have many blessings. Two sets of our great friends were married this month...Congrats to Taylor and Haley Shelton and Ryan and Abby Kuxhausen!!! We love yall so much!
With just five days left in Midland, Carson and I will celebrate our two year anniversary on June 30,2009. It seems like yesterday we were still dating in High School. I love you Carson Reed.
Time certainly does fly by...I will post updates throughout the week.
May God Bless You.

Ryan and Abby Kuxhausen-Married June 20, 2009

Rest in Peace Chase Mitchell- June 7, 2009

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