Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lake Time & Check-Up

It's funny how far away July always seemed to us... but here we are preparing for another trip to Houston. We left Midland missing our friends, old and new. On our last night, we cooked out and danced the night away listening to Josh Abbott play, another fellow Red Raider. Our drive home was bittersweet, but now we called Tyler, Texas our home away from home. Aunt Sandi and Uncle Frank have a GORGEOUS lake house on Lake Palentine and I can honestly tell you I never get tired of seeing the sun rise off that crystal water. Carson calls me the "Palestine Princess" because I am not working during this part of the summer and frankly, I live up to it in EVERY WAY I can :) Although life here is much more relaxing, we do sincerely miss our buddies back in West Texas and are very thankful to the firm which Carson worked. Everyone was so very kind and welcoming and we feel lucky to have been given such a wonderful opportunity.
On the other hand, with summer crawls forward, so does our date with the MD Anderson doctors. We leave this upcoming Sunday for three days of scans, tests and check-ups. Our main concern is for the two spots on his lungs, which so far are so small they cannot tell us what these are. They will scan his chest area to ensure no more tumors have developed as well as to measure these nodules on his lungs. If they have grown, the doctors tell us that the cancer has most likely metastisized and we will go on from there. We are praying that these "spots" are mere scar tissue and nothing to be worried with for now. Regardless, we are in the VERY BEST hands possible and as long as we have eachother, we'll be just fine.
We ask for your prayers for safe travel to Houston and of course for a promising outcome!!! Even though we are not looking forward to this trip, we are looking forward to seeing some wonderful friends and catching up! Call us in you're in the Houston-area!!!
I will post updates as soon as possible.
Blessings to all!!!

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Jarvis Noelle said...

Hey! I want to see you if you guys have time! I can meet you in the Medical district, or whatever you guys choose!

Miss you, and I'm praying...can I add it to the prayer blog?!

Love you,