Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back from Houston again!

It's 10:36 pm and we are finally back from our day trip to Houston. This did not involve lots of waiting or an overnight hospital stay. Carson met with the doctor to have the 2nd drainage tube removed-one more left! So far, doc says he looks good. We are still waiting on the news of the tumor.
After his afternoon appointment, we stopped by the infamous gun shop where Carson walked for two hours drooling over antique guns. I stayed strong for a while, but the three hour drive in the rain made me exhausted, so I retreated back to the truck to cat-nap.
We finished our trip with a quick stop at a local antique shop, then had dinner with some friends from Tech. These guys have no idea how awesome they are to stop their lives to have dinner with us. It meant a lot to me and Carson...thank you and we hope you all can make it up to Wacky Waco sometime soon!
Baker-Dillon-Jacob-J.J.-Lashford-Wade-and Kevin thank you guys so much. We love you all! Oh and good luck with Cha-Cha ;)
Good Night!

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