Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Big Day

We got to Houston yesterday afternoon to meet with all the pre-op doctors and to follow-up with check-in procedures. Of course, in true Carson form, we found a gun shop. :)
His parents, Granny and my parents arrived in time to check-in our hotels and get him a yummy dinner. He wanted Pappadeux so we fought the crowds to get him the ultimate seafood platter and a coke.
None of us could sleep. I had not slept in days or eaten very much. Although my clothes are fitting loose, I do not recommend THIS diet. We feel actually pretty peaceful and relieved it is all finally here.
This morning we woke up and arrived in time to sit and wait. From 9:30 to 1:45 we sat and waited....and waited. FINALLY, they called him in!
He looked great, especially after the slight sedative. He was a big loopy but smiling.

Please keep praying! We have already felt the love of our friends and family. Carson and I were talking last night about how inspiring it is to know we are loved so much by people from all over and from different phases in our life. Thank you to everyone for reaching out to us and for your support. If you have emailed, facebooked, texted, called, or mailed something, I promise we will respond to every single one. We love you all.

It has been one hour since he was taken back. Keep looking for updates on this site. I will update you as I hear.

May God Bless Carson!


katie said...

Kelsey, i don't know if you remember meeting me seeing as how its been so long. i'm one of ashley blair's friends...and i saw your status on facebook and decided to check it out.
i just wanted you to know that you have people you didn't even think about praying for you and your husband. i wish the two of you the best, and i'm going to "follow" your blog so i can stay updated. god bless the both of you!

Julie Adams said...

I'm here to pray as well!!! You have prayer warriors all over!!!