Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bouncing Back

Today was TERRIFIC! It was not only post op day 4 but also, the day after our nephew William's 2nd Birthday!!!!
Carson and I had a great visit from Becky, Dave, Little Landry, Stuart and Shannon last night for our first of many "movie nights!" It was great having a little friend time to share during our time away from school and work, although we both do not feel as if we have had a break.
Carson's parents, left yesterday around 6:00 pm and are probably still tired from ALL the work they did around our house. I am forever thankful to them for the many hours and sweat poured into getting our home and yard back in order. They let Carson and me sleep while they worked their tails off all day! Corinthia also made a yummy roast with her famous banana nut muffins and banana pudding...can we say "FOODIES?!"
Last night, we watched movies with our friends and actually enjoyed a nice relaxing evening in. Shannon and I crashed quickly, while the boys finished strong! Regardless of our stamina, we had a GREAT time with our friends and of course time with our adopted niece Landry! She has grown WAY TOO FAST but was sweet enough to give both Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Carson a BIG kiss goodnight!
We tried to put Carson in our bed, but that quickly failed...Carson cannot sleep lying flat until released by the doctors, so he has been stuck in the living room recliner... most men would not complain about this. :) Today was filled with mindless errands and small household chores. We had a very pleasant surprise from our Tech friend, and Beta Red Raider, Wade Vinall. Wade was moving to Houston and stopped by to visit after WAY TOO LONG! We had a wonderful visit with him and look forward to seeing him again very soon.
Carson made an appearance to Target with me to get out and about for a while, but quickly wanted to retreat back home to rest. We were on the hunt today to find adhesive dissolve rs to help me change his bandages without removing his skin. We finally found some at the local medical supply has made a significant difference.
Tonight we had another visit from Shannon and Stuart to watch Changeline, a pretty good movie! We have another long day planned to get some more small household chores completed; chores we have put off because of life and law school. We are traveling back to Houston on Thursday to hopefully have one of the drainage tubes released by the plastic surgeon. Let's keep our fingers crossed. We also plan on having dinner with some friends in the area as long as things go as planned. Thank you for reading our continued posts. We look forward to April 7th, the "date" of when we will hear back about the tumor.
God Bless to all.

Happy Birthday William Jacob Thompson!!! Auntie & Uncle Carson love you!

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