Thursday, March 5, 2009


We came to Houston on February 16th-18th to meet with the head of thoracic surgery and can I just say that MD Anderson is an amazing facility. Although we saw many people with very serious illnesses, we were and still are inspired by the positive smiles and hopeful stories seen EVERYWHERE!
This is when we got the news that Carson was having the tumor, along with 2-4 ribs removed then they are reconstructing his rib cage with mesh, plaster-concrete and grafting muscles from the Peck, lat and abs to protect his organs. The surgery will be 8-10 hours long and he will be here for 3-5 days.
Luckily, we have spring break next week, so we will have a few days to rest and get him on the road to recovery. His plan is to return to school ASAP. Although, I think he should rest, I know Carson and I know he will bounce back beautifully. We will know if it is sarcoma (bone cancer) or endochrondoma ( benign!) in a few days.

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