Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Week Back

It has been a week since I last updated our blog and much has happened since then. Carson and I had a fun visit from his sisters, Jade and Jordan. They were on Spring Break this week and gave up their time to come see their favorite brother and sister-in-law :)
Monday we were back to the grid so to speak...I ventured back to work and Carson went back to school. We were both greeted with warm smiles and encouraging words. Although I was very worried about Carson's return to school so soon, I knew he had to go back eventually and he would need to be sure and not over-do anything. Of course, he did and was in pretty significant pain during the evenings most of the week. Cleaning the tube and chest wound has become second nature to us both and it's "almost" as normal as brushing your teeth or washing your face...almost. The good news is that we will drive back to Houston tomorrow to have the last drainage tube removed and hopefully he will officially be on the road to full recovery. We still have no word on the tumor...I promise as soon as we do, I will post it on the site. We continue to pray for benign.

I may have said it before, but this entire experience has brought the two of us closer as a couple. Most 2nd year marriages do not endure such things and as turbulent as it has been, we have been able to acknowledge the blessings too. For example, our faith has been tested and strengthen, our communication has improved and our ability to let old grudges and issued fade away has been easy.
Carson and I were children of God before we met 11 years ago. Our relationship was always Christian based and we even kept/ keep God as the center of our marriage. However, just when we think we are on top of our game, God throws curve balls to test your decisions. The easy thing would be to get mad, become bitter, turn on each other or be angry with God Neither one of us wanted to endure this alone or without Him. We turned to Him and continue to turn to Him with our worries, sadness and pain. It is easier to say than to actually do, but I promise, our lives were changed. I will never forget clinching onto my necklace which holds three things: A prayer box, a ring engraved with "FAITH-HOPE-LOVE" and a charm which simply says,"HOPE." I still wear this necklace everyday and I held it right before Dr. Swisher came into the waiting room after the first part of Carson's surgery.
Secondly, Carson and I had a chance to spend LOTS of time together as he recovered at home last week. I think we have watched just about every movie possible, the good, bad and the ugly. Mostly comedies, but I have sneaked in a few love stories too! One in particular called Fireproof was extremely moving. Other than good old fashioned couple time, we are talking about everything and then sometimes nothing at all. We laugh...even though Carson still cannot laugh without hurting himself; it is pretty funny to watch someone try not to laugh and the only sound that comes our is a little, "tee hee!" He even went shopping with me on Tuesday when Mom, Kacey, Beau and Will came to town. We ventured to Sirona, a girl boutique and encourage me to buy there fabulous bags marked for clearance. I have seen a significant change in him, a good change, and a change in myself. I think this is why we have let our old problems die down.
The biggest change we have seen is the out-pouring love from family and friends. Most of all, from people we thought we would never talk to again. That is how you know God is working in your lives. He can bring people together that have not spoken in years or an estranged family member make a simple phone call. This was something that struck us deep. With the ever changing technology, it makes it easier to reach out when others are in need, but I really feel like God wanted us to be at peace with past situations and old friends. Bottom line. This is, in a weird and twisted way, a good thing.
Eventually, I will talk Carson into writing an update on our blog. He is a far better writer than me and it would be nice for you to hear his thoughts throughout this ordeal. All in good time.

Safe Travel to Houston and back tomorrow
Chase Mitchell-Back at MD Anderson awaiting results on T-Cell injection
Brittany Horton- Continue to heal and recover
Wendy Teague-A fellow co-worker of mine whose apartment caught fire
Lyndsey Ralston- Blessings for being a great friend
TSmat-A thousand thank yous!
My students- the best 9th grade classes at UHS
BLS- Thank you for your support


katie said...

i'm glad to hear he's doing well! TAKE CARE!!!

some insight said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm glad things are going so well! I've been thinking and praying for y'all, and I know God will continue to bless y'all. Take care and have a happy Monday! =]

Heather said...

Hello Runge's =) I've enjoyed reading through your blog and hearing how your faith is being tested and strengthened and your marriage is being strengthened. It is an encouragement! I've been getting updates from my mom, and just wanted you guys to know that I'm praying for you too!