Thursday, March 5, 2009

The spot

Here we are after 6 months of wondering what this little ball in Carson's chest could be and still we wait.
6 Months ago, Carson and I were playing volleyball with the law school intramural team and he started having chest pains. Of course we worried, but we decided to wait. About a week later, he found this little "bump" in his chest (where you put your hand over your heart to say the pledge) and there was slight pain and tenderness to the touch. We were in bed, so I felt it and right away I knew this wasn't good. We called and set up an appointment with our family doctor and he thought it was inflamed cartilage of the ribs. He was given anti-inflammatory medication and sent home. A month later, we were still not satisfied, so we went back to the same doctor and instead he ordered a mammogram, which quickly came back clear. He then decided to refer us to an orthopedic surgeon in Waco. At this time, it was November and law finals had just passed. After a few consults, our insurance finally Ok'd the CT scan and they scanned his chest. In JANUARY ( yes Nov. to Jan) we received a call saying everything was okay...this was not acceptable. We knew there was more to this growing ball inside Carson's chest.

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