Thursday, March 5, 2009



We just got word from the doctor at 5:00 pm and he is already finished with his part of surgery and now the plastic surgeon is completing the reconstruction! He said they removed the 3-inch in diameter tumor and it looks like it can easily be repaired by replacing the pectoral muscle over the hole. Thus, it is not looking as invasive as we thought.

We will know if it is benign in 7-10 days, but so far we know they froze the area around the outside of the original tumor and it shows no new tumors- he also said it has not moved into the muscle or the rest of the chest wall-which is such a relief!!!! It is either endosarcoma or endochrondoma- we have to wait for it to calcify for final results---PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR BENIGN!!
I truly believe in the power of prayer and it is because of our prayer warriors and God that we have great news!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


We are so lucky to have part of our wonderful family here. I know a lot of you could not come, but we know you are here with us. Thank you friends and loved ones for your constant support today. You have no idea how encouraging your words have been!


Linda Darjean said...

We're praying Kelsey. Thanks for keeping the blog. I love it. I talked to Corinthia a little while ago. I hope you get some rest tonite. God's got it!! So you can rest. Love you :)

Cindy said...

God Bless you, Kelsey and Carson. You are in my constant prayers. Here's a "Memo from God":
"I am God. Today I will be handling all
of your problems. Please remember that
I do not need your help."
Get some rest - know that you are loved. Cindy

the reasonable person said...

I am really praying for ya Carson!


savannah_rae said...

Kelsey, I have tears in my eyes, just knowing that y'all have been going thru this! Thank you for posting this link on both will be in my thoughts and prayers constantly until we get the good news that it is benign! Keep up the strength and faith! I love and miss y'all and will be praying hard.

Brianna said...


Continue to have faith in the Lord... He IS in control! God bless you, Carson, and y'all families!